199.8kW PV Grid Connect System

System Configuration

Solar Panels: 540 x Longi  LR4-60HPH-370M

Inverters: 3 x SMA Inverters

Mounting: Mibet Mounting System

Monitoring: Sunny Portal via Bluetooth Webbox and EKM metering

Project Overview

Metco Engineering has built a reputation on intelligent manufacturing and precision engineering. The 5,000 square meter facility at Waiwhetu in Wellington is like many large span sites and has a mix of unique rooftop features. The Sunergise design and engineering team worked with Metco, balancing requirements for renewable energy output, safety considerations, and aesthetics.

The resulting Sunergise 199.8 kW solar power system, comprising 540 solar panels, was designed to meet the needs of this future-focused business within the demands of a large span roof. All solar modules and equipment were placed to optimise performance as well as ongoing maintenance and safety. And thanks to the Sunergise SunPlus™ option, Metco Engineering can enjoy the benefits of clean, green, renewable solar energy without the normal capital cost.