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Oceania’s largest private operator of renewable energy assets

Sunergise is a pioneering solar company dedicated to securing a brighter, more sustainable future for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With our custom design, financing, installation, and monitoring services, we are committed to providing high-quality, clean, and affordable energy solutions.

Building a sustainable future together

In partnership with our customers, Sunergise is rapidly accelerating the adoption and installation of solar PV panels in the Oceania region. Our solar power creates energy independence and protection from rising oil prices, whilst helping protect the natural environment that entices visitors from all over the world. As part of developing a business with sustainability at its core, we aim to make clean energy affordable to all.

From humble beginnings to solar power house

Sunergise began operations with the introduction of the world’s largest installation for a marina at Port Denarau in Fiji. In 2014 The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) took a stake in the business.

The Sunergise group is the leading solar power services company in the Pacific Island region, with a growing portfolio of solar projects in Niue, Nauru, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

To date over 20 MW of clean power has been installed and over 20 gigawatt-hours of electricity produced by Sunergise.

Discover the Sunergise difference

Sunergise wholly-owned engineering subsidiary Clay Energy is one of the region’s leading EPC firms, with more than 17 years expertise in solar and wind energy.

Our team of highly skilled engineers addresses a wide range of applications – including grid-connect, off-grid, fuel-saver, and solar/diesel hybrid designs.

Sunergise key personnel have more than 100MW of deployment experience, and our 45+ staff are 100% focused on our core business of delivering high quality, reliable renewable energy solutions.


Find quick answers to common inquiries about our solar solutions and services.

Solar power works by converting sunlight into electricity through the use of solar panels. These panels contain photovoltaic cells that capture the sun’s energy and convert it into usable power for your business.

Solar power offers numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills, lower carbon emissions, energy independence, and a clean and renewable energy source. By harnessing the power of the sun, solar energy helps to mitigate climate change and create a more sustainable future.

Yes, solar power is reliable. Sunergise ensures the power output of your solar system through regular maintenance and monitoring. This ensures optimum energy generation and reliable power for your business.

The cost of solar installation can vary depending on factors such as the size of the system, location, and any additional features or upgrades. However, with government incentives and financing options, solar installation has become more affordable and accessible for businesses.

There are several financing options available for solar systems, including solar loans, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and leasing arrangements. These options allow you to pay for your solar system over time, making it more affordable and manageable.