Go solar without the capital cost

SunPlus™ Power Purchase Agreements are an alternative to traditional finance models. Rather than owning, maintaining and operating a solar system, a business only purchases the power it uses.

Using roof area or land, Sunergise design, finance, install and maintain the entire solar system. This allows you to go solar without the capital cost and start saving money from day one. For businesses that are grid-connected, Sunergise can cater for up to 100% of the daytime electricity requirements.

The Sunergise SunPlus™ option can offer an instant saving on your current power bill and can fix the solar power rate for the longer term, giving your business certainty.

The Sunergise SunPlus™ PPA is a consumption only agreement where you pay for the solar power consumed. You will not be charged for the solar power fed back to the grid.

PPA's suit businesses who:

Want to have price path certainty in their energy costs

Prefer an off-balance sheet asset

Avoid the long term risk of owning and operating an energy asset

Are committed to reducing their carbon footprint

How does it work?


Sunergise evaluate your site and power usage

Sunergise checks your site to determine the potential for solar, taking into account any aesthetic considerations.


Businesses get solar power for no capital outlay

Sunergise pay for the design, installation, insurance, and regular system maintenance.


Businesses get cheaper electricity and savings increase over time

If the cost of power increases, the Sunergise SunPlus™ solution can deliver even greater savings.


Sunergise ensures the power output

Reliable power is better for business. Regular system maintenance ensures optimum energy generation.

PPAs appeal to those who

Want to lock in their energy costs at a fixed rate.

Prefer an off-balance sheet asset.

Avoid the long term risk of owning and operating an energy asset.

Are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

How does it work

We find investors for your project

We use this investment to install the system on your roof, building or property.

The system earns revenue

The investors are paid back with interest.

The system produces energy

The energy it produces generates revenue by selling you the energy at a very low rate.

Systems is paid off and the contract ends

We give you the system for free.