732kW PV Grid Connect System

System Configuration

Solar Panels: 2450 x JA 310W Panels

Inverters: 36x SMA Inverters

Mounting: Schletter ground mount and Car Parking System

Monitoring: Sunny Portal via Bluetooth Webbox and EKM metering

Project Overview

The PV Grid Connect system was developed to subsidise the National Grid, and reduce fuel costs associated with the diesel generators which provide the majority of Vanuatu’s energy.
Three separate sites were commissioned (1 x 330kW, 1 x 122kW, 1 x 315kW), one of which utilised the solar arrays to provide a shaded car-park for 112 cars, and together supply up to 6% of the noon-demand.

Since installation, these sites have provided significant environmental and economic benefits to Vanuatu. Some of these benefits include:

• 324,573 litres of diesel fuel saved each year
• 896 tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year
• Direct savings of USD$378,085 on reduced diesel reliance