780kW PV Off Grid System

System Configuration

Solar Panels: 778 x JA Solar 280W Solar Panel

Inverters: 22 x Leonics Inverter

Mounting: Schletter ground and roof mount structure

Inverter Mounting: Outdoor

PV Energy Yield: 04MWh per annum

Project Overview

The 5-star Iririki Island Resort & Spa features luxurious appointed suites and rooms, a casino, a day spa with full a complete gym, a 4-tier cascading swimming pool (one of the largest freshwater pools in the South Pacific), and five world-class restaurants, to cater for its extremely discerning international guests.

To consistently deliver this level of luxury and service, a reliable energy solution is paramount, hence the installation of the Off-Grid Solar Power System. This installation guarantees energy independence, reduces overall operating expenses, and positively contributes to the environment.